Arcadian Pages

by canyon counterpoint

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There are many moments, memories, people, and places stretched across Alex Rose’s Arcadian Pages. The debut album from the Los Angeles-born, Austin-raised musician is a project four years in the making, an intimate and evocative collection of mental snapshots, born in homes, houses, cars, and hotels spanning from Washington to New York to Texas and California.
Recorded at Dandy Sounds Studio in Dripping Springs, Texas, Arcadian Pages feels like everywhere and nowhere all at once. The music is spacious and restrained, conjuring images of nameless strangers and long stretches of highway viewed from behind a dirty windshield. Gauzy electric guitars provide the backdrop, while sparse percussion and romantic swells of viola help propel each story along. Rose sings these songs like closely held secrets, lacing them with breath, texture, and a graceful fluency. In them, she reveals evocative details about fleeting moments and quiet echoes of characters only half-known. Like “Ty,” an enigmatic cowboy who’s both an object of affection and a figment of the imagination. Or “Howling Wolves,” where stories of youthful abandon move across moonlit streets and empty truck beds. On “Ponderosa Pines,” she sets a rally cry against indifference beneath the luminous North Dakota skyline. And together, these tales beautifully capture and crystallize not-so-distant memories into something tangible.
Arcadian Pages is Rose’s world, and it’s filled with great expectations, crushing heartbreaks, and hopeful momentum. Supported by producer/singer/multi-instrumentalist Anni Rossi and sound engineer Dan Duszynski (Molly Burch, Jess Williamson, Julia Lucille), she’s created a full-sensory travelogue filled with small gestures that have big implications. 
Following a year of music making Austin, Texas--and her first ever solo tour--Rose recently returned to Los Angeles. This fall and winter, she'll play shows across L.A. in support of her debut. In a way, it's the perfect end to Arcadian Pages' story--a homecoming made all the more meaningful by the time it took to get there.

- Aly Comingore


released November 10, 2017

Written & Performed by Alex Rose (guitar, vocals)
Produced by Alex Rose & Anni Rossi (viola, percussion)
Recorded by Dan Duszynski at Dandy Sounds in Dripping Springs, Texas, July 2017
Mastered by Carl Saff
Photography by Kari Leigh Rosenfeld
Cover Art by Vanessa Riegel


all rights reserved



canyon counterpoint Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Ty
The town’s lone red stop light sways in the West Texas wind
We’re peering at the big sky
Giving clouds a big send off before they fade into the horizon
No sounds
Save a lone wind chime that trickles in our ears, tones passing by
As that stoplight signals to no one we’ll make our presence known
He’s the first to howl!
He’s the first to sing!
I make believe he’s a magical being who lives in my mind
He lives on the waves and the bends in my mind, Cowboy Ty
Lassos in my mind
All the folds of fears and frights
He keeps it tied up
Cowboy Ty
Track Name: Elephant Eyes (feat. Anni Rossi)
Open your elephant eyes
Glittery bright and full of surprise
Mountains move up against the sky
Gypsy palms of paradise
Here in this emerald pool
We’ll break all the rules

But we won’t be mean, no!
I’ll be kind you’ll see
No we won’t be mean, no!
You’ll be kind to me

Through the haze, a wild orange angel hue
Forecasted/contrasted milk maids in danish shoes
Disregarded but not discarded
my freewheeling heart will everlast
my freewheeling heart will everlast
my freewheeling heart

But we won’t be mean, no!
I’ll be kind you’ll see
No we won’t be mean, no!
You’ll be kind to me
Track Name: Grandmothers
He’s an iconic fair redeemer
a manipulator of proper nomenclature
and it’s second nature: a half-life downtown
There’s no life without buildings for us now

But I will build you a dream machine out of ticker tape
So on timed nights we can seal our fate with brave desire
And that brave desire it runs thick like cable wires, cool hard round beams
They surge with fire, electric wires

Here to go / here to fall
Here to fall / here to show
What our grandmothers were first to know

Mama, mama…
Mama, mama…

Here to go / here to fall
Here to fall / here to show
What our grandmothers were first to know
Track Name: A Gun Called Patience
I’m telling secrets to a memory
Wrapping my arms around what used to be
And she’s listening carefully…
While I mistake miscreants for the ministry of reality
My harlequin shadow - she exudes a saint-like patience
Something I mistook for otherworldliness years ago

But oh! How she floats even now!
Oh how she floats…. oh how she floats
She floats up on violence
My lady in white lace
She makes trades in violence
She hovers on instinct
A violent crown of thorny leaves
Track Name: Ponderosa Pines
I eyed them from behind the ponderosa pines, all tiny filaments of light
We stood atop that enchanted rock
We float up against a mica night sky

At least we were right this time!
It was love at sight under that North Dakota starlight.
Your reveries take flight
Missionaries training for a fight
Gathering all our might

But how long until the world takes notice?
How long until our tiny voices are loud enough to make damage stop?
All we do is talk and talk
And wait for the world to take notice
We wait for the world to take notice
Track Name: Coattails
My tongue was thick with afterthoughts
I mumbled half forget-me-nots
What I really want to say was hey babe. Bide my lines, I’m just passing by
Like a plane I will fly high
I’ll ride the coattails of the contrails in the sky
But my words for tawdry, my whims they were flimsy and life isn’t always full of whimsy
So don’t fall in love
Don’t fall to pieces
This world ain’t big enough for your feelings
Bottle them up
Bide my lines
I’ll be alright. I’m just passing by

Tell me…. Oh baby believe me that I’ll translate the message of what you’ve been wrestling with.

No, don’t write me a letter it’s easier if we just forget each other and move on
I’ll sing my songs to pass the time
Don’t wanna think about how you ain’t coming home tonight
Track Name: Howling Wolves
You had us ride in the back of her truck on the way to the party
The wind charred my lips
It woke me up
My eyes to the stars, the universe spreads out
Colossal wonderings, memories like foundlings
Your childhood’s worth something… don’t hurry up

Don’t hurry up, don’t hurry up

I held your hand as sped down that same boulevard again like when we were friends
But my curiosity took hold of me and my hand moved down your leg and stayed there
The wind in our hair
Surprised by the cold and possibility
With you next to me the world felt free and nurturing - we can be who we want to be, adventurously

Don’t hurry up, don’t hurry up

Let’s stay here in this truck bed til they come calling for us
Howling wolves
Adventures ahead
Don’t hurry, don’t hurry up
Track Name: Oblivion Seekers
I’m a black bird circling the blue skies of the Yucca Valley
I’m high
Like the nights we spent smoking cigarettes on your back porch
Feeling alive
I traced those dark tops of the mountain ranges
They’re all big bears who lept out of their cages wearing capes
No trying
No lying
No trying: I was honest then

in those high desert test sites I’m no slave to my appetite
I mine crystal caves, I thumb arcadian pages
But we are no more readers than we are passersby
In our valley, this cavernous mountain night

Everything will be alright
Everything will be alright
Everything will be alright
Everything will be alright
Everything will be alright
Everything will be alright

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